About me



Software Engineer, Currently @ Integrant,Inc.

I’ve Expertise in Backend Development using .NET Stack and an avid reader who constantly seeking opportunities to grow!

Constantly sharing thoughts on various software engineering topics that I’m passionate about. and other interesting topics.

Actively look for relocation opportunities, if you think I can help your organization please don’t hesitate to send an email.

Companies I’ve worked for

  • Software Engineer II @ Integrant, Inc.

    Jan. 2023 – Present

  • Software Engineer @ Cegedim, VisionAnywhere

    July. 2021 – Jan. 2023

    • Developed features that made dispensing medications more precise on a short/long term for people with chronic diseases, e.g., Repeat Dispensing, Installment Prescribing.
    • An early adopter of Feature Toggles to speed up feature release across multiple teams, built tools inspired by unleash and gave internal Tech talks to explain the approach.
    • Put React components in WPF. (Don’t Do That)
    • Maintained third-party services (OptimiseRx & Optum) integration.
    • Devised a way to validate commit messages that achieved a consistent relation between changes, business requirements and historical overview.
    • The busy bee that used to document every little change in the codebase, process or how-to guides!
  • Full-Stack Developer @ Lumin Soft

    Nov. 2020 – July. 2021

    • Write modern, performant, maintainable code for a diverse array of client and internal projects using Angular & ASP.NET Web APIS.
    • Managed deployments for multiple Web Apps on internal IIS servers.
    • Implemented the Git Flow branching model to improve the process of managing source code between multiple teams. Also enabled SonarQube to proactively identify defects and potential security issues.
    • Managed the Integration between payment gateways like e.g., CowPay and the National Bank of Egypt for different applications.